NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Bold, new, up-and-comer Jordan Davis makes his country radio debut with “Singles You Up,” the second most-added single of the week behind only Kenny Chesney. Co-written by Jordan, “Singles You Up’ is the highly-anticipated first single off his forthcoming major label debut on MCA Nashville. To view the lyric video for the raucous “Singles You Up” click HERE

“‘Singles You Up’ is a song title that came from congratulating my co-writer on his recent engagement. We started reminiscing about old memories in college bars when we would see certain girls in not so great relationships and think we could be better boyfriends for them if we ever got the chance,” says Jordan. “We joked he was smart not to ‘single her up’ and thought it was a creative phrase. The rest of the song flowed from there.”

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Jordan has made a strong impression on critics and audiences alike with his classic lyric-writing melded with tech-tinged production. After graduating from LSU in 2012 with a degree in Resource Conservation, Jordan moved to Nashville and honed his songwriting craft influenced by his love of lyrically-driven songwriters and genre-defying musicality.

Fans can learn more about Jordan Davis HERE and listen to his “Shreveport to Nashville” playlist HERE

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