Jordan Davis is having one helluva year.

His debut single “Singles You Up” has been certified Platinum and currently stands as the most-played song at country radio this year after peaking at No.1 back in April. It has amassed over 250M streams worldwide, and his current single, “Take It From Me,” is following in those footsteps, already charting at No. 26 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

He released a stripped down version of “Take It From Me” this past Friday, and we’re pleased to bring you an exclusive first look at the new behind-the-scenes video.

“Paul DiGiovanni and I had a blast making this stripped version of ‘Take It From Me,'” says Jordan. “I love what we did with album track, so I was really excited to see where we would go with this. I wanted it to be different but something that would still compliment the version my fans have gotten to know. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and hope the fans dig it as well.”

Check it out.



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Robert_Lloyd1's picture

Seems like I have heard this song 10 thousand times the last 10 years with every pop and pop-country artist. Can't we get some original and new music with great melodies?